What is an e-learning module?

An e-learning module is a way of online learning. It can be seen as an interactive game, which guides you through the content in a fun and user-friendly way. WeLearning combines several techniques like animation, videos, slides and quizzes in one format named: the e-learning module. Research has shown that learning through an e-learning module can save you up to 40% of your time in comparison with traditional in-class learning. This is partly because you are no longer restricted to specific locations, the pace of other participants or compulsory teaching dates/times. Whether you are on the train with your tablet or at home with your laptop you always have access to your modules. WeLearning develops each module with a strong focus on humour, creativity and interactivity. By doing so we believe that we maximize the knowledge transfer of online learning and offer our customers a fun experience! Our goal is to bring a smile on people’s faces!

Advantages e-learning module

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