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WeLearning converts (boring) content, in a creative manner, into crystal clear and fun online learning modules. We integrate videos, animation, quizzes and custom-made designs into one tailor-made module. Through our excellent technical and graphical skills we are able to convert each piece of information into a compelling story. Often the client knows what he/she wants to communicate but does not have the tools to do this in an effective, efficient and most of all: fun way! That’s where we come in.

Why WeLearning

Our common drive is to help people with their personal development. Developing e-learning modules is a great way through which we can do this on a large scale. Our goal: to make e-learning more fun! We do this by adding significant amounts of humour, creativity and interactivity in our modules. Developing an e-learning module is one thing but effectively transferring knowledge is a whole other thing. We do not only create value by converting content into modules but also by pro-actively thinking along with our clients. We have proven to be a partner that really solves the bigger problem of our clients. We are enthusiastic to help your organization make online learning more fun but most importantly: effective!

Alexander Dorgelo
Co-Founder & E-learning Developer

I am a creative and entrepreneurial person who has a strong passion for Human Resource Management. I really enjoyed my study HRM in Groningen and I am happy that I have had the opportunity to do bring my interest into practice at Heineken and Unilever. During my time at Heineken I developed several e-learning modules. Where I enjoyed helping others with their personal developments in a creative and digital way. Now it is my goal to do this on larger scale and make online learning a more fun experience!

Ruben Ridderbos
Co-Founder & Business Developer

Knowing what motivates you and how you motivate others is a big interest of mine. Having fun and laughing provides you with the necessary energy to keep pushing through such that you are able to reach your goals. If you have a bad day, try to make some funny faces in the mirror and experience what this does. It is interesting to see what these kind of small tricks can do to you. I strongly believe that the use of humour is a great motivator. E-learning is a beautiful way to share this philosophy and bring a smile on people their faces. That’s what I want to achieve!

Annelot Klaassen
Graphic Designer

Design for me is like my mother tongue. I get a lot of energy when I succeed in visualizing ideas, concepts or stories. During my Design bachelor at the Art Academy I have learned how big the role of design is in our daily lives. This certainly accounts for our personal development. For me designing e-learning modules is therefore a great combination of my interest and I enjoy it significantly to ensure knowledge is transferred in a fun way!

Marie-Pomme Adriaansen
Communication & Graphic Designer

During my Bachelor communication I was highly attracted by the value of design as part of communication. It is fantastic to see how a target audience can be reached by visuals, especially when this enhances the learning process. Because of my passion for design I decided to follow up my bachelor Communication & Media with a study Graphic Design. With knowledge combined out of both studies and experience at a communication agency I have developed a strong sense for (visual) communication. It satisfies me significantly to upgrade an e-learning module, through a typographic experiment and a search for cool images, to an effective piece of storytelling.

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